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Are you seeking a good psychic? If you are, make certain to first check for the seven signs that a psychic is a phony, prior to getting a free psychic love reading!

7 Signs Your Free Psychic Love Reading is a Fake:

Unfortunately, numerous individuals only care about getting money from you, and phony psychics are definitely part of this unscrupulous group. You cannot always know which psychic is a trustworthy person in whom you can confide. Love psychics are not held to a standard of requirements or credentials. You can’t get a PhD in paranormal studies!

Any person can start a business as a psychic, and the entrepreneur does not even have to take any government tests or own any diplomas or certificates.

How can a person tell if the free psychic love reading is a real one? That’s hard, but there are ways to determine if your psychic is a fake. It’s due to the fact that a phony psychic will usually err and show themselves as fakes in at least one of seven usual ways.

Pay attention if the love psychic displays any of the seven warning signs because these signs may indicate that the psychic is out to get you!

free-psychic-love-reading-question-chartNumber One:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) details any past issues with psychics. Those qualified with a “D” or worse ratings are best treated with caution. This love psychic or organization very well could be fraudulent.

What’s true is that the BBB can only maintain a list of very few of the huge number of psychics and organization for psychics that exist now. The psychic you decide to ask a free psychic question does not necessarily need to have a listing with the BBB; many businesses are not listed with the BBB, but they are still valid companies.

In addition, the BBB can’t tell you if a free psychic love reading is a fake. The BBB does not know everything about the psychic; the BBB only knows information that is received from people who make reports about shady business operations.

But, avoid a love psychic who has a low rating with the BBB because the D or lower rating means that the psychic is a fraud. This psychic you’re consulting might very well be a fake one.

Number Two:

Your psychic wants extra money to clear a curse on you: During the reading, a phony psychic informs you that your bad luck is being caused by evil influences or curses on your life, and that the only way to get rid of these curses is to give the psychic additional money for either extra free psychic love readings, overly priced candles or expensive crystals.

Remember that the only evil plot in your life is that you somehow wandered into the clutches of a phony psychic who wants your money. You’ll be cursed if you believe that the curse presented to you is a real one!

We all have bad luck at various times, but misfortune is caused by uncontrollable circumstances that take place without our consent or advance knowledge. Proceed with extreme caution if you have the misfortune of meeting a psychic who tries to make you think that curses on your life have caused your current predicament and that you can get out of the negative situation if you give the psychic a lot of money. This psychic you’re seeing might not be for real enough for a free love reading.

Number Three:

There is a guarantee: As mom stated, life comes without guarantees! What do you think? Love psychics also don’t come with any guarantees regarding their results. Take heed that you do not believe a psychic who promises that another person is going to come into your life and ask you to get married or that your lifestyle will improve if you pay the psychic more money so that you can get free from an evil curse.

A medium or a free psychic love reading can’t really make something occur. Psychics interpret, from a free psychic question, the spiritual energy that surrounds us, or that is near us from departed relatives or friends, and they then interpret what they “read” back to us. Proceed with caution if the psychic promises that you are going to fall madly in love with someone tomorrow or that you are going to win the million dollar lottery in a few days. The psychic just could be fraudulent.

Number Four:

The love psychic tries to obtain personal information such as your Social Security number. For all of you in the United States: Never offer your social security number to any person unless you determine that providing the information is a legal requirement. The federal government may ask you to reveal your social security number if you ever want to get a passport and travel to other countries. Do not reveal your social security number to a psychic under any circumstances; you may be required to give out this information to a financial institution, but not to a psychic.

Do not have anything to do with a free psychic love reading who demands that you display your social security number or other types of personal identification. It’s quite likely that this psychic isn’t on the up and up.

Number Five:

Your psychic continually changes their phone number and other contact information: A reputable and respectable psychic makes sure that people are aware of his or her physical address and telephone number. Of course, legitimate love psychics want consumers to know how to contact them, especially if they plan to establish reputable businesses for people who want consultations. One good sign is when the person has stayed in one place and used only one contact number over the years.

If there’s a constant change of contact information, then care is warranted. Those who are hiding change where they live and their contact info quite frequently. Should it seem like the psychic is hiding, it could mean that they’re being sought by someone or some group.

In all honesty, every person moves to a different address at one time or another, but beware of the psychic who has a different location or telephone number every few weeks. It’s possible the free psychic love reading is a fraud.

Number Six:

You have a bad feeling about the free psychic love reading: Char Margolis is a popular psychic who has stated that every person has a certain amount of intuition, and that this intuition guides a seeker into tapping the spiritual energy that already exists in the universe. Always rely on your own inner intuition, and if your gut feeling is that you should avoid a specific psychic like the plague, then you had better pay attention to your true perceptions.

You’re probably right if your instincts tell you this free psychic love reading isn’t for you. Use your intuition, particularly when caution is indicated. Do not rely on the opinions of your relatives or friends when they tell you they just love their psychic because you may get a different vibe when you actually meet the person. It’s fine. We all need different things and your friend’s psychic may not work for you.

Look somewhere else for help if your instincts say that this is not a good psychic for you. This psychic could possibly be not for real.

Number Seven:

Your psychic asks you free leading questions: A psychic is nothing more than an amateur psychologist who asks you significant questions that reveal your deepest thoughts and concerns. Even though you may not realizes what you are doing. You tell the psychic, who is understands basic principles of psychology, vital information that explains what makes your inner being tick.

In the same way, we don’t always realize when a psychic is prying information from us. That can be good, particularly if he or she is helping us to get over anxiety regarding a free psychic love reading.

But, asking too many free psychic questions is often a ploy used by phony psychics whose only motives are to rob you blind without giving you anything in exchange. These psychics ask questions that seem naive, but our replies to their questions enable them to use the provided information and present it to us in a way that makes it look as though they have psychic powers.

Be careful about the responses you give, particularly when you don’t know the psychic well. You can answer the question with a simple yes or no, but do not give the psychic any more details that can be transformed into words that sound as though the love psychic can read your mind.

Be cautious if you feel the psychic is questioning you too closely. This psychic could very well be a fraudulent one.

To summarize, the seven fake psychic signals listed are just the tip of the iceberg when checking someone out. Be that as it may, they are very common and you should be careful if the free psychic love reading demonstrates at least one of them.

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