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“I always wanted to try a psychic love reading to find out more about romance. I was able to call and receive FREE BONUS minutes added to my consultation at no cost! I found an adviser who specialized in the areas of my life I was concerned with. For me it was a partner I was unsure about. I feel much better having the knowledge and insight I need to move forward! THESE ARE THE BEST PSYCHICS ONLINE!” – Amanda Martins, Charlotte North Carolina

Finding love in the New Year With a Psychic Love Reading!

For many, a new year means a fresh start. Perhaps a new job, new city, new apartment, or perhaps the greatest question of all: will I find love this time around? If it seems like everyone but you is falling in love, it’s time to find out why!

Finding that special someone can be an arduous and exhausting challenge. If only there were a way to help align the stars so that we may bump into that certain someone right outside our door. With the ease and convenience of online psychics, there is! From the comfort of your easy chair, you can surf the ‘net and receive guidance towards a love match.

How can a love psychic help me during a reading? Don’t they need to see me in person?

Online can be just as effective as meeting a client in person. A psychic can gain a lot of valuable insight just based on your information, such as astrological sign and birth year. Select new customers may also qualify for a one time introductory package of 10 minutes for $15, which may only be used with top rated psychic advisors. In addition, with purchase of this package, you will receive 3 free minutes to be used with an Elite Psychic, As always, your time may be used via the telephone or one-on-one online chat. After your initial package minutes have been used, or your three free minutes with an Elite psychic, you will hear a tone and will have the option to continue your call at the Psychic Advisors per minute rate, or you can end the call within 10 seconds of hearing the tone, thus avoiding additional charges by hanging up.

Is this a free psychic love reading? Can I ask a free psychic question?

When you purchase 10 minutes, you receive 5 FREE bonus minutes! Normally the cost for a psychic love reading is 10 minutes for $10. During this free psychic love reading offer – you actually receive 15 minutes for ONLY $10! You can also ask a free psychic question using the cool online “module” AskNow has created. Simply type your question, provide your email address and you will get a real, authentic answer to your free psychic question!

Does this really work?

It works if you want it to. Most often, you are your own worst impediment to finding love. A psychic can help you remove those blocks and allow your true self to shine through. As is often the case, we can be our own worst enemies. When someone greets you with a smile, do you smile back? Is a cheerful ‘hello!’ met with a mumbled reply? Are you putting out negative energy? A love psychic can offer a free reading to help you change your energy to one that attracts people to you.

Psychic question: what if there is no perfect ‘soul mate’ for me?

The simple fact is: there is. There is a perfect match for everyone. Love is as important to life as air and water. Even if you don’t realize it, you need it. Now, all you need to do is open yourself up to receiving it.

How will I know he/she is “the one?”

A love psychic can help you let down your guard so that when a potential love match appears, you will recognize it. Get a psychic love reading! Call now and receive FREE BONUS minutes. Toll Free 1-888-741-3339. Free minutes are given on first paid call.

If I do manage to find love, I usually screw it up. How can I stop this from happening?

Do you find yourself often repeating the same pattern? Perhaps you chose the wrong type of person. A skilled love psychic, during a free trial reading, can help you uncover the root problem of why you are continually drawn to people that will eventually hurt you. Often, this is related to our childhoods and trying to fulfill a need for love that we did not receive. Once you have an understanding of your own behavior, the path to true love becomes clear.

Will 2014 be the year you finally find true love and happiness? There’s no reason why not! Love is all around and just waiting for you. Perhaps it’s the quiet gentleman that always seems to be behind you in line at the coffee shop; or the effervescent waitress with purple hair at your favorite pub. Within each of us lies a heart that is capable of love. This can be your year, if you have the courage. An online love psychic is a great way to take the first step to a new beginning. Get a psychic love reading! Call now and receive FREE BONUS minutes. Toll Free 1-888-741-3339. Bonus minutes are given on first paid call.

Get a psychic love reading today & get FREE BONUS MINUTES! AskNow is a unique site that makes it simple and convenient for you to get psychic readings. On it are gifted psychics who are there to help you with any problem you may be experiencing in your life. Offers Trusted Love Psychics & One Free Psychic Question Online! is a trustworthy website that offers people psychic readings from reliable psychics who are accurate. Just about every topic and problem that people face today is addressed on the website, and the site offers experts to provide you with the best advice available. Sometimes you don’t have anyone you can tell about a particular problem you’re having, and you need an opinion that’s objective and mature. That’s the time to seek out an answer on AskNow.

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Free* Psychic Love Reading Offer

It’s very simple to make use of Just choose a psychic and click on either “Call me” or “Chat with me.” If this is your first time, you’ll get a voice prompt that asks you to give your information and assists you in making a reservation with a psychic to talk, so you get the help you need with no problem. Make sure to listen carefully to take advantage of the 5 FREE BONUS minute love reading offer! Other GREAT offers include $1 per minute, as well as 15 minutes for $10. Choose from a vast array of psychics: Tarot, horoscope, love & romance, future, career, numerology, astrology and many more!

“Looking for guidance about a budding relationship, I contacted Annie Spirit via I received excellent advice when I spoke with her, and it had a positive impact on my relationship. Now any time I have an argument, I talk it over with her,” said Maria H., a satisfied user of AskNow., a reputable provider of psychic counseling, can give you advice with regard to your most pressing issues. Do you have questions about your love life? What will happen next? Get a psychic reading from the folks at AskNow, and take control of your life!

*Bonus minutes are given on first paid call. The term free psychic love reading implies that the free portion of the call is when you are given your 5 free minutes during your first paid call. This enables you to ask a free psychic question. Given the complexity of the question, you may be able to ask 2 questions until your portion of the free call is up.

Try a psychic love reading! Call 1-888-741-3339 now for FREE BONUS minutes. Free minutes are given on first paid call. Ask a FREE Psychic Question online via email by clicking here.

The Benefits of a Free* Psychic Love Reading

There are many benefits of a free psychic love reading. Yes, many people may think you are crazy or even dumb for wanting to see a psychic but the truth is that most psychics have some sort of grounding with the universe and only desire a way to restore balance with the universe and help others embrace what life is all about. Psychic love readings are one of those ways. Why would you need a psychic love reading? There are many reasons and not all of them have to do with who you are going to marry and live with for the rest of your life.

Sometimes you may be in a relationship where you have been together for a while and you are wondering where it is going. You might be starting to think that you are more into this relationship than the other person is. You might not feel comfortable talking to your partner about this. This is where a free psychic love reading comes in. They can give you insight and advice into you and your inner being helping you discover more about yourself and thus more about your relationship. It could be that everything you are thinking is just in your head, or it could be that your relationship is in real trouble. A psychic might be able to help you fix the relationship or help you out of the relationship. Either way, there are many benefits in this situation to seeing a psychic for your relationship.

Another example of where it would beneficial to see a psychic when it comes to love is if you are single, newly divorced, or never been married. In these cases you may be feeling like this is going to be your destiny forever. If it is, it really is not that bad but a psychic can help you discover what is good about you and how to seize the great moments in life and how to love many other things other than just relationships. In doing this, you will bend the laws of attraction your way and may just likely meet the person you have been looking for. Get a free psychic love reading today!

If you are single or do not know if you will stay single, you may benefit from seeing a psychic for a love reading with free bonus minutes. You may be struggling with different feeling and issues and you don’t have anyone to discuss these with and you might even still feel ashamed or confused at your thoughts and emotions. A psychic can look into your inner self and draw out these emotions to help you better understand who you are and who you are meant to be in terms of love and in a loving relationship.

The benefits of a free psychic love reading can last for many years! Draw on them any time you need them. Remember these readings are not to hurt you and will not hurt you. At the most they will give you insight into what you can do to be a better person for those around you and help you to draw love toward you rather than push it away.

*The FREE portion of the call is given on your first purchase. The regular offer to a normal caller is 10 minutes for $10. Calling 1-888-741-3339 gives you the chance to get 5 FREE minutes! So in the end, you are getting 15 minutes for only $10. The free minutes will give you the chance to get a more in-depth reading, or ask a free question. Take advantage of this opportunity!